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“How to JUMP START Your Voice Over Career"

If you want to get more work as a voice over artist, this is the program for you!

Dear Voice Over Artist,

How would you like to JUMP START your voice over career?


I can help!

My name is Bill DeWees and I’m a working voice talent making a multiple 6-figure income.  My credits include Chevrolet, American Express, Sears, National Geographic, Adidas, Farmer’s Insurance, John Deere, Warner Bros, Whirlpool, Monster.com, NBC Universal and thousands of others.  I’m also an MBA and former business/marketing consultant.  I know how to record voice-overs not only for fun . . . but for profit!

I’ve also successfully coached hundreds of students in broadcast and voice-over careers.

I’d like to help you get into and maximize your success as a voice over artist. Interested?

Then keep reading.

Here's What I’ve Got for You

Over the past 7 months, I've been doing something called the FAST TRACK program. I do it almost every month. It’s done via Webinar and I’ve recorded a bunch of them.

How would YOU like to sit in on one of these programs?

Now you can!

I’ve put the audio recordings of several of these FAST TRACK programs onto a website and you can listen as many times as you want, 24X7 for one flat fee.

You’ll learn an amazing amount by listening to the program that I recorded. And you can go over the material again and again.

Here is What I Cover

Week 1
Mastering Your Performance

  • Simple secrets to interpret any script and NAIL your next audition
  • Understanding different read styles and knowing when to use them
  • Performance/auditioning techniques - Understand how to maximize your chances for success
  • Narration workshop: Learn how to do a great narration reading every time

Week 2
Creating Your Home Studio

  • Optimizing your recording space, no matter WHERE it is
  • Understanding and building your "sound chain" for maximum effectiveness
  • Properly utilizing the tools for remote recording
  • Commercial workshop: Learn to NAIL your commercial demos like never before

Week 3

  • How to Create a KILLER Demo for yourself . . . FAST
  • Designing a website that will be a magnet for clients
  • The Decision: Union or non-union, which should YOU choose and WHY?
  • Cultivating clients for maximum profit, the key to a long lasting and lucrative career
  • Commercial Workshop Part 2: Even more great ideas about reading commercial copy

Week 4
Audio 101

  • Understanding audio basics: the nuts and bolts you need to know
  • Editing techniques that will save you time and maximize your final product for your clients
  • Audio file management (from formatting to client delivery)
  • Audiobook workshop – How to choose your niche and give the right read style.

Sound Like a LOT of Information?

It is!

And it’s ready for you to start learning from right now!

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How Much?

When I do the program live, the attendees pay $495 to attend.

You won’t even pay HALF of that price.

I'm offering this program to you for only $197!

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PS -  If you’re interested in dramatically improving your results as a voice over artist, this is the program for you. Buy it now because the bonuses may be withdrawn at any time.

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